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The 'Joose' experience has brought great energy to many artist across all genres, be it art, music, poetry, film, etc.,  it has been a wonderful and enlightening journey that lasted three years with co-founder Anyta Thomas who graced us with her warm and exciting on-air presence while producing Joose Unleashed podcasts. In May 2012, Anyta Thomas passed the baton solely to Tanya Murphy who welcomed new temporary guest Co-Host, Ms. Iris Simms.
Joose Unleashed began its internet post cast episodes in January 2009 to promote a new platform for which artists of all genres can voice there opinions of events or issues that concern them socially, politically and/or to raise self-consciousness and empowerment .


 Select Interviews

March 2011
Ing Kimberly Brown, realist oil painter, and more, introduces herself, her figurative style and creative passions.  She is the first female artist in a group of seven strong women to interview for the upcoming  upcoming "Passion and Pathways: Breaking Barriers" exhibit taking place June3 - August 5th, at the Salon. Find more on Inga @

May 2010
Philadelphia native Raphael Tiberino explained his birthright as an artist, being eldest son of renowned parents, artists Ellen Powell Tiberino and Joseph Tiberino.  Presents his vision as an artist and promotes Twilight Visions: A 20 Year Retrospective,exhibit taking place at Salon Joose Studio's. 


Wednesday Night, March 11th, 8-9PM,
[Episode 1]
Launch of Joose Unleashed! Tanya Murphy and Anyta Thomas's first internet podcast episode titled, Who's Got Joose? Episode I featured Antonio Puri a great artist and the Curator of Art4Barter, a traveling art show which respectfully proposes to put artists and other business professionals together to barter. Personally speaking, it can work. Check out Art4barter updates on Antonio's website: Stay tuned for upcoming episodes featuring artists, musicians, writers and more!

Wednesday Night, March 18th, 8-9pm,
[Episode 2]
This weeks Episode is called “WHO’S GOT JOOSE!” Part 2. It’s also about who is using their creative juicses to do something different that causes social change or leaves an artistic impression that sparks a new wave of creative energy. We will again start by introducing ourselves and sharing our artistsic backgrounds. And as a tribute to Women’s Month, we would like to welcome to the show, Kathryn Buford & Miriam Moore whose creative jooses gave rise to the project Live Unchained!, What is Live Unchained you ask? That’s not for me to tell you. Get the scoop from the interview. Following the interview you will hear T and Nee’s Who’s Got Joose! Second Friday Picks. Anyta

Wednesday Night, April 1st, 8-9pm,
[Episode 3]
We will be joined by well-known Philadelphia Master Artist Leroy Johnson as he share his thoughts on surviving as an artist in today’s economy. For more information on Leroy visit

Wednesday Night, March 25th, 8-9pm,
[Episode 4]
This weeks guest artist is Candy Depew. Candy is a print maker, ceramic artist and installation artist, but because of the creative overlap, she labels herself a sculptor. She travels internationally making her work along with researching collections of ornamental prints and decorative arts. She is preparing a multi-component, multi-directional, far-reaching, and ongoing project that will cultivate into a periodical publication—a fittingly glossy magazine—called candycoated. This artist is one with alot of creative energy. Check out

Wednesday Night, April 22nd, 7-8pm,
[Episode 6]
Joose Unleashed! interview customers and guests at the Sugar and Spice Bakery Cafe on Ridge Ave in Philadelphia. We heard the sultry sounds of Gaille Hunter as we enjoyed the buffet, wine and desserts, courtesy of Gaille and the owner of the bakery cafe. Visit the bakery cafe and find information about Gaille Hunter at and

Wednesday Night, May 6th, 8-9pm,
[Episode 9]
T & Nee talk with guest artist, designer and stylist Beth Smallwood of the project "Art + Soulfood", which is being organized west of GirardAve. in Philadelphia, PA. The festivities will take place June 13th. For more information about this event, go to:

Wednesday Night, May 20th, 8-9pm,
[Episode 11]
T & Nee interview Leslie Kaufman, founder of Philadelphia Sculptors and Jennifer Willett, curator of the 5 into 1 Exhibit. They share their thoughts on the direction of sculpture and explain what the 5 into 1 student exhibit is all about. The exhibit date in May 31rst, 2009.

Wednesday Night, July 8th, 8-9pm,
[Episode 17]
T & Nee speak with Sherry Burton-Ways, who is a Washington, DC-based designer and doll artist that creates straight from the soul. Born in the "City of Brotherly Love" and raised in upstate New York, Burton-Ways began working on cloth dolls four years ago after participating in a workshop with notable textile artist Francine Haskins. Sherry’s work will be on exhibit in Philadelphia at the Vivant Gallery on 7/31 and in Washington, DC from 7/25- 7/26 at the Capital Hip-hop Soul Fest. Visit Ms Ways at

Wednesday Night, July 15th, 8-9pm,
[Episode 18]
"Art, Relationships and the Artist". Can the 3 entities coexist in harmony and what to do when the 3 conflict? With us in this interview to discuss the topic is our guest therapist Camille Whitsett, whose educational background is as a relationship and sexuality health educator. Ms. Whitsett has a M.Ed. in Human Sexuality Education from Widener University, a B.A. in Psychology from Penn State University and Certified training from WOAR (Women Organized Against Abuse).

Wednesday Night, November 4th, 8-9pm,
[Episode 36]
Featured spotlight artist Richard Watson -painter/poet/musician/well-known philadelphian curator. Our guest shares his perspective on art and announces his November exhibit "THE AMERICAN ARTIST," which is fron 11/5 - 12/12/2009.