About 'Salon Joose'

'JOOSE' a term/name so coined by artist Tanya Murphy meaning THE CREATIVE ENERGY THAT FLOWS...

In 2008, Tanya Murphy, artist and former Gallery Director of the Sande Webster Gallery paired up with fellow artist Anyta Thomas, former Assistant Marketing Director of Journey Home, to co-found 'Salon Joose' artist network alliance.  

Salon Joose launched a website and opened its doors on January 11, 2009 and welcomed a new crowd of artist eager to share ideas, views and insite on events that shape their worlds.  The founders and alliance members believe that the artist's opinion matters.  Like scientists, artist record history and bring to life possibilities of life in the past, present and future, in an effort to keep humanity conscious of its influence on the world we were given to maintain.

Salon Joose aims to give artists a platform to share there ideas by:
1) providing a studio space to show work and hold socials
2) providing a voice via internet radio/podcast
3) providing media exposure by covering artist stories live at events or in their studio spaces

For more information about Salon Joose or about space rental, email us at getjoosed@yahoo.com or call 267-908-3010.